Reclaimed Materials for Sale
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We salvage, reclaim and recover our material by hand from circa 1800 homes and barns. We bring the material back to our yard to sell and repurpose. Our extensive inventory includes everything from barn board and beams, old brick, stone and sills, original windows and doors, antique hardware, right down to wooden pegs and square nails... the list goes on and on. Visit our yard and purchase your own historic lumber.

1864 Georgetown home deconstructed 2012

Reclaimed brick (red and buff) & hand cut stone

1850 Woodstock barn deconstructed 2011

Deconstruction process

Reclaimed barn beams

Reclaimed barn board and flooring

Reclaimed barn board

Reclaimed barn board

                      Reclaimed chiselled stone, sills and lintels                                        Reclaimed brick

Reclaimed grates, brackets, and original hardware

Just a few of our extensive inventory of old windows and doors